What We Do

The Philly Tribe is part of the larger global 5Rhythms® community created by Gabrielle Roth (see What Are the 5Rhythms or go directly to 5Rhythms Global, the Moving Center of the Global 5Rhythms practice). We offer classes twice monthly in the Philadelphia area, as well as one-, two-, and three-day weekend workshops.  Waves classes form the core of the 5Rhythms® practice, exploring the fluidity of embodiment. Sweat Your Prayers classes focus on personal experience, keeping our bodies in motion and letting go. Workshops provide an extended time & focus to deepen our experience within a dancing tribe. The 5Rhythms® were developed by Gabrielle Roth through her lifetime study in dance, theater, and the healing arts to release the dancer in us all, regardless of age, shape, size, limitations or experience.

We have a producer–Rebekah Zhuraw– and a board of tribe-holders– Mariama O’Brien, Michelle Mahan, Kaitlynn Stupak and Keshia Mahan– who work co-operatively to hold the space for our tribe (see Tribe-holders).  Our teaching staff includes or has included Adam Barley, Arjan Bouw, Tammy Burstein, Douglas Drummond, Ann Kite, Peter Fodera, Kierra Foster-Ba, Nancy Genatt, Lucia Horan, Richard Jerram, Jilsarah Moscowitz, Daniella Peltekova, Kate Shela, Amara Pagano, Sara Pagano, Mackenzie Amara, Amber Ryan, Michael Molin-Skelton, Margaret Wagner, Ray Diaz & Julia Wolfermann.

We welcome new comers, wayfarers, and those we already know and love, without exception. Come move with us!  Please wear comfortable clothing—no street shoes or fragrances, please–and remember to bring water.

To contact us:  email Rebekah at rebekah@5rhythmsphilly.com or call 215-498-1780

& check out our FaceBook page:  facebook.com/5rhythmsphilly

The 5Rhythms™ of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness form the Wave, a map integrating body and soul.  For more info on the 5Rhythms:  http://www.5rhythms.com

How free do you want to be? — Gabrielle Roth