Adam Barley  Chalford, England  http://www.adambarley.com/about/about.php

Amara Pagano  Maui, HI  http://amarapagano.com/about/

I have been teaching 5Rhythms® full time for 15 years.  I call my work Awakening Through Movement.  I travel often, learning and teaching around the world.

Arjan Bouw  Netherlands  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Arjan+Bouw

Through my body dancing the 5Rhythms®, I get to know myself better.  I love the body’s intelligence.  My body tells me how I feel.  Creating movement to what moves me makes me accept myself.  Doing it over and over again, I find ways to relax in the movement, to breath in it and so to feel freedom.

I love to see others moving.  I love the body of the earth.  I live out in the countryside with Willemijn de Dreu, who is a 5Rhythms® teacher, too, and our two daughters.  Here I work in the garden and with the horses who teach me a lot about teaching dance, and I work on our house which is old and needs a lot of attention.  I see myself as a gardener.  I give attention and care so the world around me can flourish. I am an actor, too, mostly playing for children and doing street theater.  As an actor, as in the dance, I transform inner movement into outer movement.  My body is my instrument.  I also organize camping weekends in the Netherlands around the equinox and solstices.  I take out my Mongolian tent and my mobile sauna.  We dance to live music , and it’s all there:  the rhythms of the earth and sun, the seasons,  the people, the dancer and the drummer.

Ann Kite  Charlottesville, VA  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Ann+Kite

Daniela Peltekova  NYC, New York  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Daniela+Peltekova

Douglas Drummond  Maui, Hawaii http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Douglas+Drummond

Jonathan Horan  NYC, New York  & Salt Lake City, Utah  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Jonathan+Horan

Julia Wolfermann  NYC, New York  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Julia+Wolfermann

I am originally from Munich, Germany and have lived a small but impactful part of my artistic life in Florence, Italy.  I am a trained Method actress and a classical soprano and have a passion for creative, internationally-minded, peace-oriented communities.  The 5Rhythms® practice has helped me become more comfortable with change and to recognize that life has so much more to give when I’m in the space of balance, at ease with letting go of what needs to go and feeling good about standing up for what’s worth holding onto.

Lucia Rose Horan  Maui, HI  http://www.luciahoran.com/about/

I bring to my teaching practice a lifetime of experience with the 5Rhythms® as a way to move through the fabric of life’s experiences.  I come to the dance floor to share my love for the dance and faith in the 5Rhythms® practice.

I was born into a family of dancers.  I was raised in the community of Esalen® Institute in Big Sur, CA.  I was certified to teach the 5Rhythms® in 1998.   Over the last 15 years I have taught at Esalen Institute (CA), Omega Institute (NY & Costa Rica), Kripalu, Centro de Ompia (Italy), The Studio Maui (Hawaii), TNK Psychology Institute (Osaka & Tokyo, Japan), and The Moving Center School (San Francisco and NYC).

I offer workshops and seminars worldwide.  In a world of great turmoil, the practice offers us a place to get out of the head and into the body.  I hope you will join us on the dance floor soon.

Mackenzie Amara  NYC, New York  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Mackenzie+Amara

I was raised on hippy wisdom and hard knocks.  By grace, I found myself on a 5Rhythms floor.  The dance continues to rock my spirit into new incarnations of being each day. Aside from dancer, I am a mystic and an academic, pursuing my graduate studies in psychology at Columbia University. For the past five years I have been holding sacred space for young dancers. I welcome people of all ages and levels of experience. Can’t wait to dance with you!

Michael-Molin Skelton  Los Angeles, CA  http://spiritweaves.com/about_us.html

Nancy Genatt  Highland Park, NJ  

I have had the privilege of studying with Gabrielle Roth since 2001.  My first 5Rhythms® dance was with Gabrielle at Omega, and I fell feet-first in love with this practice.  It sparked a curiosity about the unexplored and mysterious dimensions of myself, opened a channel to spirit I had never imagined, and encouraged a freedom that I had never before experienced.   The gifts I would like to offer to my class participants are those same experiences:  freedom, curiosity, and a dynamic method of finding  the inner silence of meditation.

My teaching style is very “real”, reflecting my humor, passion, authenticity, and commitment to staying embodied.  Prior to discovering the 5Rhythms®, I trained in Shake Your Soul DansKinetics.  I am also a certified Yoga instructor with over 11 years of teaching experience.  My current employment as a physical therapy aide is yet another opportunity to work with the body in a healing capacity.  All of the movement modalities that I have participated in have deepened my appreciation for self-awareness, living from our most soulful place, and honoring the body and breath as vehicles for our ever-unfolding spiritual journey.

Peter Fodera  NYC, New York  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Peter+Fodera

My passion as an artist, art educator and conservator, combined with my experience in yoga and meditation and my eclectic love of music continue to enrich my practice of the 5Rhythms® movement meditation.  From the moment I stepped into the 5R’s, I knw I had been called home.  I came to the practice late in life and immediately fell in love with its accessibility, honesty, and integrity.

I completed the teacher training with Gabrielle Roth in 2004 and the Heartbeat training in 2010.  Currently I am a staff member of the NYC Moving Center and am on the Board for the 5R Reach Out.  One of my functions as a 5RRO facilitator is to work with the elder and physically disabled communities.  This has allowed me to investigate the 5Rs in different paradigms.  Often we get accustomed to approaching the practice from the same way.  We fail to recognize other opportunities.  By practicing a wave in a chair or on the floor, a whole new realm of possibilities opens up for engaging with the practice.

My teaching is clear, compassionate, and a celebration of life.  While I primarily teach in NYC, I give workshops across the US & Canada.  It is both a blessing and honor to be teaching this work.

Ray Diaz  NYC, New York  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Ray+Diaz

Rebekah Zhuraw lives and teaches in Philadelphia, where she is also the producer for 5Rhythms Philly classes and workshops.  http://www.5rhythms.com/teachers/Rebekah+Zhuraw

Rivi Diamond is a certified 5Rhythms teacher and founded the 5Rhythms Philly tribe.  She is a founding member of Open Floor International & lives & teaches in Israel.  http://www.body-soul-dance.com

Tammy Burstein  NYC, New York  http://www.tammyburstein.com/about/