Emeritus (former) Tribe-Holders

PhilStillness: Phil Brown

I discovered the 5Rhythms practice through a Sweat Your Prayers Workshop at the Omega Institute and was delighted to discover that a tribe had begun in Philly a few years later.  After I retired from a demanding full-time job at Rutgers University and moved to consulting, I decided it was time to more actively see how I could help support our Philly tribe and became a tribe-holder.

One of the aspects of being a tribe-holder that I have particularly enjoyed is the selective recruiting I do–it gives me real joy to watch someone get turned-on by this work, a child-like enthusiasm emerge, and the fruits of internal learning blossom.  I particularly value the sense of community that occurs as we create more offerings and spend more time together.   So I intend to continue it.  I am also still official toastmaster who, during the closing circle at the end of classes or workshops, thanks the teacher and reflects back some of the experience of the event.

More recently, I have become the president of the Buddhist Sangha of Bucks County. There are a bunch of responsibilities entailed that sometimes conflict with my Tribe Holder role, so I thought it best to step down. I remain devoted to this community as well, which has been so nourishing for me. There is a natural convergence for me in these two awareness practices – one somatic and Tantric and the other more centered on training the mind. I have a personal interest in exploring how we discover and work with these energies to influence our lives. I look forward to the next occasion of being drawn into the same flame together with you and exploring together how this helps us weave through and into the exigencies of the world.


Chaos (because that’s how Chaos is): Christina Fanizzi

Christina headshotMovement and mindfulness are my life practice. Thanks to the map of 5 Rhythms, the teachings of Gabrielle Roth, and other gifted teachers, I have found the deepest part of my Self. I’m honored to be a 5 Rhythms Philly tribe holder. Creating safe space where our community can move together, process and support each other is a vital gift and one that is necessary to build on to continue the development of our fantastic tribe! 😉

I’m happy to support the space through finding spaces for us to hold our classes and workshops and registering people at the door.  It’s very gratifying to see and hear the positive way that 5R has influenced people’s lives, both individually and collectively. We seem to grow more supportive of each other and this work with each season.

I’ve been a pilates teacher for over 16 years. My studio is located in Mount Airy, www.pilatesalchemy.com. Ask me about classes!  I was also a performing artist in New York City from 1990 through 2006, acting, producing, creating, collaborating, & performing regionally.  “Nothing human is alien to me” by the Roman playwright and philosopher Terrence is a great mantra for anyone who wants to live life to their fullest potential. Let’s move with it together and DANCE!