Johanna Wirtz does most of our workshop visuals to stunning effect.  Bold and direct, her installations feature dramatic contrasts and stunning textures, cracking open the workshop themes and piercing the heart.

Occasionally, workshop visuals are provided by others, as when Anahita Mekanik did the installation for Michael Molin-Skelton’s Beyond Skin workshop for us in November 2012.

Rebekah Zhuraw does most of the altars for classes, creating installations that are visually poetic.  However, Peggy Vogt, who used to do most of our Embodied Waves visuals (in which her 5Rhythms Prayer flags featured prominently), still sometimes steps in, especially to collaborate with kindred spirit Peter Fodera.  Peggy’s spare, whimsical style points to the contemplative being at the center of the dance.