Welcome to 5Rhythms Philly

5Rhythms PhillyThe 5Rhythms® are a supported movement practice rooted in personal growth, transformational experiences, and community.  We provide opportunities to dance in Philly and connect to national and international dancing communities that share the same structure and processes, led by certified, inspirational teachers.  For more about who we are and what we do see:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/about-5-rhythms-philly/

To see what classes and workshops are happening check the Calendar for dates:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/schedule/.

Then for details (time, location, descriptions of events) check the Classes page:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/classes/ or Workshops page:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/workshops/.

To register for workshops, to be put on our email invite list, or for information about any of our offerings, please contact us:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/contact-us-2/

For Directions to our dance locations check here:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/directions-2/

If you’re a beginner, please see our For Beginners page:  http://www.5rhythmsphilly.com/for-beginners/

And check out our Blog (The Practice), Community pages, and Artspeak for community news and resources.